Free Egyptian Tarot Roll

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The symbology of the Egyptian tarot is so full of elements that it is capable of bringing out details of your own essence that you would never have imagined existed in you. This tarot is characterized by revealing everything and keeping no secret. Not everything I tell you will be what you want to hear, but in its arcana is the truth that will allow you to live in peace and harmony.

How to prepare
Good preparation is what will allow you to receive the answer you are looking for in a clear and concise way. For this, you will need to purge all the negative energy that, even if you do not look for it or want it, takes over you throughout the day.
Put yourself in a comfortable place and leave your mind blank for a few seconds. When you feel ready, bring up the issue that concerns you and about which you are going to ask your question. View it with as many scenes as you can.
Now ask the question to yourself. Be careful not to ask questions that include two in one. For example: Are you going to come back with me and are we going to get married? They are two questions in one, so the answer will be confusing. Always keep in mind that you are before the free tarot, so you can ask everything you want, per one question at a time so that the answer does not harbor ambiguities or confusion.

How to make the roll
Once you have asked your question, it will be time to select the letter that will seal your destiny. Look carefully at the back of all of them and let your eyes instinctively go to the one that contains your answer. Click on it and read the result. It is essential that you adapt it to your particular situation, since each existence has a different way of applying tarot messages. It is understandable that anxiety wants to beat you and that you intend to go to the next question without having stopped at the current one. Do not do it. Crumble the meaning of the tarot well before asking your next question.