Friendship Tarot

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Having a friend is what gives us strength in life, both in moments of joy and in those when we need more support because the circumstances do not smile on us. What few know is that true friendship is something very difficult to achieve in life. It is curious, but not unusual, that the more we are surrounded by people, the less true friends we have.
Friendship is not only laughter and a set of good times, but it is a bond based on commitment, dedication and dedication. To be a good friend, you need to have good feelings and it is here that the tarot will reveal unsuspected truths.
When you have a question about someone you have always considered your friend, but lately you notice that you are failing, the tarot offers you the answers that you cannot find for yourself.
After this reading, you will know who your friend is and who has been posing as such with total impunity. Now you can make the right decision to move forward in the field of friendship.

How to prepare
Think of that friend who is making you doubt. Bring it to your mind and run your face with the gaze of the imagination. Now he tries to delve into his feelings and visualizes a great unknown in that space that occupies the heart.
This is the time to ask your question, which must be specific and admit one answer. Repeat it in your mind until it's finally the only thing you can think of.

How to make the roll
Once the question occupies the mind as an entity, then select the card that your intuition indicates. Read it with attention, detail and meticulousness, since in it resides the answer that you are waiting for to know the truth about the friendship that worries you.