Love Tarot

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Love is the most frequent reason for consultation among those who resort to tarot. This is completely understandable, since love is the engine of our lives. Thanks to him we are born, we feed on his energy and, if we don't know how to control him, we can even die for him. It is precisely to help you live the best of the most powerful feeling in the world that the love tarot has been created. Thanks to this tarot spread you will find answers impossible to find by other means. Whether you're worried about a present relationship or looking for a new bond and don't know how to approach it and where to find it, the love tarot has a lot to tell you, show you and advise you. In his arcana lies both the past and the future, so you can fully trust him for a complete and enlightening answer.

How to prepare
Preparation is what will allow you to reach an interpretation free of energy pollution. The first step is to find a comfortable place, without too much light but that is also not in the dark, and in which you feel confident. Arrange everything to avoid interruptions while reading and repeat the question to yourself three times. Avoid automatic repetitions as if they were done simply to complete a process. The more you focus on the question, the more you visualize it and the more aware you are about the issue you are asking, the better the effect of the interpretation will be.
Be sure to ask concrete and unambiguous questions. Do not use the words "and" or "or." For example: Should I continue this relationship? It is a valid question. Instead, "do you love me or your ex more?" It is not a suitable question to receive a valid answer.

How to make the roll
A row of cards will unfold before you. Look at them and select the three that most attract your attention. Take your time and don't select the next card until the previous one has reached its destination.
Now read the tarot messages and apply them to your particular situation. If you follow his advice, you will have solved what caused so much distress.