Work Tarot

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Work is one of the aspects that can get us to sleep. Whether we are unemployed, have just graduated from the profession of our dreams or are looking to change jobs, the job tarot has the answer you need.
The work tarot uses the same decks from the Marseille tarot that we already know, but these are previously analyzed in order to give them the meaning they hold for the workplace. Thus, each of them has their message adapted to issues that only occur in the world of work.
Therefore, whatever question you ask, it will have a clear and accurate answer that will allow you to orient yourself and make the right decisions.

How to prepare
Sit in a comfortable place in a quiet room. If you live with more people, warn that you will not be available for a while, thus avoiding the interruptions that are so harmful when it comes to receiving a tarot reading.
Bring to your mind the issue you want to ask about. Visualize the problem or doubt and ask the question mentally. You can ask open-ended, but unambiguous questions. For example: "What will my work situation be like this year?" It is an open question and it is totally valid for this situation. However, ambiguous questions, such as: "Will I get the job at the bar or the job at the clothing store?" It is not a good question because it contains two questions.
When faced with a dilemma, ask the questions separately.

How to make the roll
The tarot of the work is expressed through a single card per response. So you just have to look at them and open your perception to take you to the correct card. Select it and read the answer. Take the minutes you need to unravel the meaning of that arcane.