Marseille Tarot

Select 3 Cards


When the fifteenth-century intellectuals brought a novel game to the salons of Germany, Italy, and France, no one imagined that it would become the divination oracle that it is today. The truth was that, as they played with these decks, they realized that there was much more to them than just fun. Especially after incorporating the triumphs, today known as the major arcana, the symbology was present and the fortune telling results were enhanced.
People from the highest intellectual circles began consulting the tarot to make important decisions, which placed the arcana of the Marseille tarot on a pedestal. So much so that they ended up paying large sums of money to access consultations that did not even last an hour.
Fortunately, six centuries later, today we have the possibility of accessing the same tarot as always, but for free and twenty-four hours a day.

How to prepare
For the roll to be effective and get the answers you are looking for, it is extremely important that you spend time preparing. Ideally, if the weather is on our side, we should take a bath and put on light and loose clothing. What is essential is to find a comfortable environment, away from noise and interruptions, and think about what we are going to ask.
Get out of your mind all the thoughts that are not related to what you are going to ask and focus on what is worrying you. Now ask the question mentally and repeat it until it is the only thing on your mind.

How to make the roll
You have already made the question yours, so it only remains to choose the cards to be able to interpret the answer. The Marseille tarot is manifested through three cards. What you have to do is look at the row of cards and let yourself be caught by the first one that catches your attention. You will click on that letter and wait for it to settle in its place.
The procedure for the next two cards is exactly the same. Once the three cards have been selected, the tarot will offer its answer. Read it carefully and connect its message with your situation. The tarot is wise and will provide you with what you need to know, you just have to take the time to interpret it.